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    Welcome to my new site!!!

    DSCN1277Not too long ago a hacker got into my website and started doing bad things so my webhost shut the site down. This, my friends was a mixed blessing. First I was sad to see it go because my time as a Senator was a part of my history and I’m incredibly proud of what we accomplished in a very short period of time. The good part is it forced me to start the site over to reflect my life in real time and that is a good thing.

    After a year of having our Gerri and Matt’s Americana store  on ebay we have learned a lot, made a few mistakes and really started to find our focus. This September was our best month ever!!! Gerri has really become an expert on Mid-Century American stuff and I have been able to focus on my lifelong passion of music, stereos and turntables. This is where I see this site going: a continuing discussion of the cool gear I get to work on, enjoy and sell as well as recorded music in general.  Obviously, the site is pretty rough but I’ll work on it.  I hope you dig it!!!




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