All of my students are in randomly selected teams all of the time with the exception of individual assessments. This allows the students to productively struggle together and move forward together. Unfortunately, our “survival of the fittest” educational system has developed a student culture that in order for one student to move forward they have to be better than the other students....

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Building Math Teams

When math teams are working amazing math gets done. There are times where it almost seems like I’ve gone down the rabbit hole into some magical math land. All of my kids are up at their boards making charts, drawing graphs, sketching models and debating math.

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Becoming Super

When I first started teaching as a 20 something living on a tropical island I was decidedly not a super teacher. I learned how to be a decent teacher, good…

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Gamification of Math Teams

Last year I was lucky enough to work on a research project with an amazing teacher Karen Kurcz. We developed a system that greatly encouraged team work and maybe more…

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Vertical Math

SY 2018-19 was a year of innovation and challenges for me. Some systems worked better than others but no single investment of time and money has helped more students learn…

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Flipgrid for Math

During the second semester of SY 2018-19 I attempted to use Flipgrid for my students to do a video version of their Math Journals. More Math was learned as a…

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