December 5, 2023

Mindset Monday: 21st Century Job Skills

Mindset Monday

21st Century Job Skills

Kids have learned the power of why. Clean your room. Why? Eat your vegetables. Why? Learn Math. Why? Over the years I have heard (and said) multiple answers to this question: So you can be a Scientist/get a good job/graduate/earn more money etc etc. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of our students these are bad answers. I know this because these are the answers that just about every student has been given multiple times. If they were good answers students would be motivated to learn math and two thirds of our students wouldn’t graduate high school below standard. In this series of Mindset Monday activities I will attempt to help students make the connection between learning high powered math and the job skills that modern and future employers want. Students will read a short paragraph from a recent article in Forbes and  “Write at least 2 sentences explaining all of the ways this class helps them to increase their ***** skill”.

I would assign this on a Monday and at the beginning of class give them 5 minutes to complete it. When time is up I’ll look at the responses and call on a few students to share their answers with the class. If you choose to give it a try let me know how it goes.

NumberJob SkillLink
1Digital Literacy
2Data Literacy
3Critical Thinking
4Emotional Intelligence
9Time Management
10Curiosity and continuous learning